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bookCoverCaroline Holland is young and glamorous with her whole life ahead of her. She stands to inherit the successful family jewelers in Bond Street that her parents have successfully built up. After a first class education, Caroline and her new best friend Karen Lewis set up their own fashion business in the heart of London.

Falling in love soon after meeting a handsome stranger, her life is turned upside down and she finds herself all alone except for a few close friends, but who she can trust? With her life threatened, she leaves London and the bad memories behind her as she starts a new life in New York.

Happy with her new life, Caroline is unaware of the aftermath she leaves behind of trusting a stranger. Events back in London lead to a double murder investigation. The pieces of the puzzle don’t quite fit for two bright, young detectives at Scotland Yard who are leading the case. They are baffled and are unable to unravel the truth. Finally they stumble across the missing link to solve the case with a surprising arrest that nobody had suspected.

Is it too late to save Caroline as she finds her life is once again in danger? Has she said too much and laid her trust in those she never really knew?

Never Trust A Stranger Press Release